TFA har three kind of registration forms for name lists

Form 1: must be used to enter the teams in each category from the clubs.

This is a voluntary registration.

Form 2: Must be used this form to enter the names of at least 5 players for indoor and 7 players for outdoor football  when a club registers two teams from the same category. Eg: Overage team.
Note: if a club enters three teams, use this form 2 twice with 5 or 7 different players’ names on each form 2.

The deadline for sending this form is one hour before draw.

Form 3: This form must be used to register the players’ names before the match begins.

The deadline for sending this form is before your team starts to play.

 Form 1

This form must be used to register the teams in all categories. The deadline for sending it together as the organizer sets the deadline for registering the teams.

If you register second team (and third team) in same category, you must send the registration FORM 2 before draw.

 Registration form 2

This form can only be used before the draw.

The names of the players have been submitted before the draw cannot be changed after the draw has been completed.

f.eks: Everest blue

Registation form 3 for names list. 

This form can be used for all tournaments to enter the names of the players and coaches (team list).
For example: Drammen Cup, LTSK cup, Stovner cup,  etc etc.

You will receive a copy of the namelist to the email address you provided in this form.

Form 3: Stovner Cup 2023: Nameslist must be sent before match starts
f.eks: Everest blue